DevOps for the entire development process

We employ a DevOps strategy, which, in its most basic sense, means that we have a collaborative approach that unifies the development and operations teams in an organisation. It also changes how the two teams go about performing their tasks. Contrary to popular belief, DevOps is neither just a process nor is it all about the tools. DevOps is a culture – a philosophy that changes how different teams in a company work to achieve business goals. And it is supported solely by tools and processes.

DevOps is an improvisation on lean and agile software development methodologies, as it draws focus towards operations as well. So, DevOps promotes an environment where different teams work together to achieve common organisational objectives. This means that the teams in our organisation are not isolated and do not work towards department-specific goals. DevOps facilitates collaboration by breaking down the silos among Dev/Ops/QA teams and encouraging them to work together towards a single goal in order to create more value for our organisation, ultimately helping us deliver more value to our projects.

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