Access most platforms from one location

The core of the new social metaverse

Open. Add. Done.

Access what you want with no limitations

The new social metaverse gives you access to 80+ content sources, advanced photo and video editing functionality, a variety of file storage and file-sharing platforms, and traditional and AI-based search engines. No other social media platform offers the same flexibility when it comes to content creation and content sharing.

Start with what you know

When users open the new social metaverse, the first thing they encounter is the same functionality that they are used to: taking, or adding, a photo and a video.

The social metaverse also offers a variety of free images and videos that match users’ interests – videos and images that can be used as background for a text or part of a larger presentation.

Using the new social metaverse is conceptually similar to creating content when using PowerPoint or Illustrator.

The new social metaverse doesn’t limit the user. Instead, the concept is to make as much functionality as possible available in one location – and to then use more and more over time.

Moreover, everything can be managed using just one hand.

It’s never been easier

The Creator Wheel in the new social metaverse has numerous options, one of which is to turn the wheel to social media, and then select the social media that you want to access.

If you select a platform that doesn’t require a log-in, like YouTube, then you simply click, and the platform opens.

If the platform you select requires a log-in, then you only need to confirm your credentials once, after which you have full access. This ensures that all rules are followed, and that no-one can violate the rules.

Unlike some social media, the new social metaverse does not prevent anyone from sharing/reposting material from all the leading platforms.

This concept is largely welcomed by platforms like YouTube, and any other platform with embedded advertisements, because these adverts are then displayed in the social metaverse too.

Publish and share files

Being social most definitely includes reading/sharing files. However, for some reason this is not supported by the leading social networks.

Naturally, in a social metaverse, accessing, reading and sharing files (e.g. PDFs and documents) are included.

In the new social metaverse, a user can therefore access files from his/her mobile phone, but also connect to file-sharing platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox and WeTransfer – providing a whole new way to be social.

Users can even set a timer, where certain files are erased after only one view, or are accessible for 24 hours, or a week or a month.

Moreover, it is also possible to permit or restrict downloading.

We have incorporated the above features and functions because a social metaverse is not just for collaborating with friends and family – it is also for work and education, too.