AI and AR technology for beauty

A project in conjunction with our trusted partner Banuba

Virtual try-on

In a world where lots of people are endeavouring to look their best

In our social metaverse, it is possible for users to take a photo of their face with their smartphone. The technology on our platform then analyses their skin type, skin tone, skin colour, as well as facial structure and features. The user is then presented with the following options:

Receive personalised advice based on their individual appearance and seasonal colour analysis;
Change their looks and modify themself in real time;
Receive suggestions from advertisers about products that match their preferences.

AI virtual makeover

  • Face-tracking technology with more than 3,300 vertices – more precise than landmark-based tracking
  • Seasonal colour analysis
  • Accurate and realistic product representation of people of all skin colours
  • AI beauty advisor to enhance everybody’s natural appearance
  • Over 22,000 digitised products out of the box